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OBG (Online Battle Ground)

Client Background

Hosting a variety of Esports competitions, leagues, ladders, and fantasy leagues, Online Battleground (OBG) is a rapidly expanding gaming platform hub. OBG is committed to providing a smooth and thrilling gaming experience for players of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals in the Esports industry. With the platform's wide selection of games and competitions, players may participate, take home rewards, and fully immerse themselves in the world of competitive gaming.

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React, Nginx, jQuery





The OBG group faced various obstacles when creating its Esports platform, including:

Platform Development

It was difficult to create a reliable and user-friendly platform that could support several Esports leagues, competitions, and fantasy leagues. In order to provide fluid gameplay experiences, the development team set out to create a scalable and effective system that could manage large amounts of user-generated material.

Tournament Management

Automated technologies with features like match schedules, team registration, scoring systems, real-time updates, and result monitoring were necessary for the efficient administration of leagues and tournaments. Retaining fair play, precise scoring, and prompt participant communication were found to be essential components of success.

User Engagement

One of the main objectives of the OBG platform was to draw in a varied user base, which included both new and casual users as well as professional Esports competitors. Offering rewarding tournament possibilities, user-friendly interface, and incentives was necessary to achieve user engagement and retention.

Distribution of Rewards

It was imperative for OBG to put in place a safe and effective system for award distribution. Maintaining the platform's credibility and encouraging a competitive atmosphere required making sure that winners and participants in leagues, tournaments, and matches received their rewards on schedule and accurately.


The OBG team created an Esports platform with the following essential elements and characteristics in order to solve these difficulties:

League and Tournament Management

The platform had a completely automated system for league, fantasy league, ladder, and tournament management. The tournament lifecycle was optimized with tools for managing team registrations, organizing matches, tracking results, and updating rankings, resulting in equitable competition.

User-Generated Content

By enabling users to make their own leagues, fantasy leagues, matches, and tournaments, OBG promoted community involvement. Users might personalize their gaming sessions and invite rivals or friends to participate.

Variety of Games

Providing a wide range of well-liked games to suit various gaming tastes. OBG attracted a diverse user base by curating a vast library of Esports titles.

User-Friendly Interface

OBG prioritized the user's experience by designing a simple, clear interface. Gamers of all skill levels could simply navigate the platform, sign up for competitions, check match information, and monitor their progress. An easy and pleasant user experience was guaranteed by detailed instructions and educational dashboards.

Safe Reward Distribution

By establishing a reliable and effective method for award distribution, participants and winners were guaranteed to get their prizes on time, boosting the platform's legitimacy and preserving a competitive atmosphere.


The creation of the Online Battleground (OBG) Esports platform produced noteworthy results.

Easy Tournament administration

Playing games was made fair and easy thanks to the automated tournament administration system. While administrators effectively controlled matches, disseminated updates, and secured accurate scoring, participants found it easy to register, compete, and monitor their advancement.

Improved User Experience

A pleasant user experience was facilitated by the user-friendly interface and simple navigation. It was simple for players of all skill levels to interact with the platform's features, enter tournaments, and get match information.

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